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Beschrijving: Being considered a sexy woman has nothing to do with the clothes you wear, your hair or makeup, or the way you flirt. Being sexy means having a gift for words, saying interesting things, knowing how to engage with anyone, attracting people through your eyes and knowledge rather than just leading them with your appearance. Sexy women walk with grace, respect, and like harmony, so they are clean, responsible, and pay great attention to their hygiene and personal image. Caution is always a confident woman's best weapon. The secret to exuding this sense of security or confidence is a sure-fire sexy technique. How you feel on the inside is always reflected on the outside, so confidence translates into what we call "sexiness." A sexy woman never doubts her decisions and strives to be happy without disturbing others. She also seeks the happiness of those around her and cares about every aspect of their lives. There is no woman who is not sexy, it all depends on the image you have of yourself. Sexy yes or no?
Ik hou van: forearms when they wear a custom suit (and they are not genetic), when a man looks at his watch while driving, when they wear suspenders, when they wear a T-shirt with a feminine print, when they run their hands through their hair hour
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