Leeftijd: 30
Beschrijving: Heyyyyyyyyy! Luckily you managed to find me. I am your worst but favorite habit from now on❤️‍I want to get to know you better, I love talking and am a good listener. I have an easy-going personality and like to joke around and make jokes. I love sports, music, beautiful movies, rain, thunder and the full moon. Maybe you could give me a copy? I also like perfume. I smell seductive black orchids or fresh spring flowers, sometimes elegant leather and patchouli, or the waves of a hot Mediterranean beach. It depends on my mood. Which one is your favorite? What would you do if you could have me for 24 hours?
Ik hou van: I love being pampered, tips, gifts, flowers and compliments - what more can a girl dream of? If you can make me laugh, I'm a fan. I love making and developing deep connections.
Online: It depends on when I want to come here and have the time. Sometimes you can see me Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning, sometimes late at night.
Laatste keer online: 02-10-2023 02:08
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