Leeftijd: 24
Beschrijving: Hello. My name is Catherine and I am a dominatrix. I love trying new fetishes and different role plays and having a great time here. I love making people lose their minds. Feel free to share your sins, fetishes and fantasies. I will find a way to make you happy and content, or make you suffer for my pleasure! Slave Information: 1. Dom/Slave Contract - A special file I create for you, containing only your fetishes and boundaries: Basic Contract - When I am online, I give you tasks based on your fetishes and boundaries, ongoing 1 month (777 points); Classic contract - such as basic contract + contract goals that should be completed within one month (slave training, sissy transformation, etc.), lasting for 1 month (999 points). Slave Reborn Game: The game's missions guide you to gain status in my slave community (Prince, King, Emperor) based on your boundaries and obsessions. There are 3 games: Lil PUppy – 3 basic tasks per day + 150 point gift each (888 crdts); Loyal Slave – 3 basic tasks + 4 advanced tasks + 200 point gift each (1111 points) ; Fake Sir – 3 basic tasks + 5 life-controlling tasks + 250 points gift each (1222 points) – All games last 2 weeks. Evidence is needed. You will receive points for each completed task: easy tasks - 15 points, challenging tasks - 25 points, life control tasks - 50 points. : Level: Prince – 500+ points, King – 1000+ points, Emperor – 1500+ points.
Ik hou van: Bondage, CBT, JOI, Gooning, Sissification, CFNM, Mind Control, Contract
Online: Wednesday to Sunday 1:00 PM GMT +3
Laatste keer online: 15-11-2023 15:07
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